XM Easy Personal FTP Server

XM Easy Personal FTP Server

Easy to Setup Your FTP Server with this Software Alone
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Easy to Setup Your FTP Server with this Software Alone.

Main Features:

- High performance and stability
Based on characteristic introduced by Windows 2000, XM Easy Personal FTP Server provides excellent performance, at the same time shows compellent stability.

- Easy-to-use
XM Easy Personal FTP Server is very easy to use, all options have same or similar operation steps. With basic wizard a newbie can build a server in three minutes. Quick settings makes you change most often used options without opening any dialog.

- Real-time monitoring
In server log and online users window, you have real-time interaction with server. You can see all current users' activities, including all client commands, server replies, downloads and uploads. If you want, you can stop the downloading/uploading or disconnect them at any time. All past connections' information, downloads/uploads are also shown.

- Download/upload resuming.
Resume interrupted transfers rather than starting from the beginning.

- Restrict IP access
Allow or deny connection requests based on specified IP addresses.

- Virtual directory/folder
Virtual directory function is very useful for managing file resources easily for server users.

- Download/upload ratios
Real-time show download/upload ratios

- Disable anonymous access
You can configure XM Easy Personal FTP Server to disallow anonymous access to protect data.

- Automatically respond to incorrect or unauthorized requests
XM Easy Personal FTP Server can automatically kick out and optionally ban users who issue a certain number of bad commands.

- Control connection limits
- Maximum number of concurrent connections
- Idle connection timeout

- Upload/Download limit

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